NWSL 2023 Draft TrackerNWSL 2023 Draft Tracker

Round by round results of the 2023 NWSL Draft, including rookie contract details.


Round 1

Pick Team Player Pos Height Age Country College
1 ACFC from NJNY Alyssa Thompson F 5' 4" 18 USA
2 KC from ORL
via NJNY
Michelle Cooper F Duke
3 ORL Emily Madril D
4 NJNY from LOU Jenna Nighswonger M Florida State
5 POR from ACFC Reyna Reyes D 21 MEX Alabama
6 NC Olivia Wingate F USA Notre Dame
7 CHI Penelope Hocking F USA Penn State
8 NC from HOU Sydney Collins D USA California
9 NC from SD Clara Robbins M USA Florida State
10 KC from RGN
via NJNY
Alexa Spaanstra F USA Virginia
11 NC from KC Haley Hopkins F USA Virginia
12 POR Izzy D'Aquila F USA Santa Clara

Round 2

Pick Team Player Pos Height Age Country College
13 SD from NJNY Sierra Enge M USA Stanford
14 CHI from WAS Grace Yochum M USA Oklahoma State
15 KC from ORL Gabrielle Robinson D USA West Virginia
16 LOU Kayla Fischer F USA Ohio State
17 LOU from ACFC
via RGN
Brianna Martinez D USA Notre Dame
18 KC from NC Jordan Silkowitz GK USA Iowa State
19 RGN from CHI Shea Holmes D USA Washington
20 HOU Sophie Hirst M USA Harvard
21 ORL from SD Messiah Bright F USA Texas Christian
22 HOU from RGN
via ORL
Jylissa Harris D USA South Carolina
23 CHI from KC
via RGN
Ally Schlegel F USA Penn State
24 POR Lauren DeBeau F USA Michigan State

Round 3

Pick Team Player Pos Height Age Country College
25 ORL from NJNY Tori Hansen D USA North Carolina
26 WAS from LOU Nicole Douglas F ENG Arizona State
27 ACFC from ORL Angelina Anderson GK USA California
28 WAS from LOU Lyza Bosselmann GK USA Gonzaga
29 LOU from ACFC
via ORL
via WAS
Jadyn Edwards M USA New Mexico
30 WAS from NC
via HOU
Riley Tanner F USA Alabama
31 LOU from CHI Riley Mattingly Parker F USA Alabama
32 POR from HOU
via RGN
via WAS
via HOU
Lauren Kozal GK USA Michigan State
33 SD Lauren Brzykcy GK USA California-Los Angeles
34 WAS from RGN
via HOU
via ORL
Lena Silano F USA Long Beach State
35 KC Mykiaa Minniss D USA Washington State
36 HOU from POR Lindsi Jennings D USA Louisiana State

Round 4

Pick Team Player Pos Height Age Country College
37 WAS from NJNY Civana Kuhlmann F USA Colorado
38 KC from WAS Ella Shamburger D USA Vanderbilt
39 ORL Summer Yates M USA Washington
40 WAS from LOU Delaney Graham D USA Duke
41 ORL from ACFC Kristen Scott F USA Central Florida
42 KC from NC Rylan Childers M USA Kansas
43 CHI Sophie Jones M USA Duke
44 NJNY from HOU Iliana Hocking M USA Arizona
45 SD Giovanna DeMarco M USA Wake Forest
46 RGN from RGN
via LOU
Natalie Viggiano M USA Wisconsin
47 KC Ashley Orkus GK USA Ole Miss
48 HOU from POR Madelyn Desiano D USA California-Los Angeles