2023 NFL Average Salaries: Offensive Weapons

2023 NFL Average Salaries: Offensive Weapons

As we approach final cuts and Week 1 roster announcements for the 2023 season, we'll take a look at how each offensive weapon position lines up in terms of average starting. We've identified the "expected" starters for each team's QB1, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE1, & TE2 this season, pulling out average salary data for each to assess the positions as a whole.

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Average QB1 AAV: $25,379,910
32 Combined QB1 AAVs: $812,157,112

The 32 projected starting QBs for 2023 carry an average salary just north of $25M. They range from Justin Herbert’s $52.5M, down to Brock Purdy’s $934k. 18 QBs (56% of the league) now hold a contract averaging at least $20M per year, with Joe Burrow ready to make it 19. The $812M+ of combined contract averages is more than all 32 #1 running backs plus all 32 #1 wide receivers, plus all 32 #1 tight ends combined - with $5M still to spare.


Average RB1 AAV: $5,237,958
32 Combined RB1 AAVs: $167,614,659
Average RB2 AAV: $1,980,169
Average RB1+RB2 AAV: $7,218,127

The projected starting RB1s for 2023 carry average salaries that range from Khalil Herbert’s $902k, up to Christian McCaffrey’s $16M. 19 RB1s (60%) carry an average salary less than $5M right now, while only 8 (25%) carry one north of $10M. The average salary for an RB2 has dipped under $2M this year, with teams spreading out their allocations more than ever. On average, teams are spending around $7.2M for their top two running backs.


Average WR1 AAV: $12,656,879
32 Combined WR1 AAVs: $405,020,130
Average WR2 AAV: $6,748,827
Average WR1+WR2 AAV: $19,405,706

Things have really taken off for this position, especially following a wild 2022 offseason spending spree. The average WR1 ($12.6M) will take in more than double what the average RB1 ($5.2M) will this season, while even the WR2 middle point ($6.7M) stands healthily above the RB mark. 16 WR1s (50%) carry an average salary of $10M or more, while only 1 (Isaiah Hodgins, NYG, $870k) lives under the $1M mark. The average cost for a team’s top 4 receivers chimes in around $25.5M, with the Raiders ($56.6M) heavily leading the league, while Indy ($5.9M) easily brings up the rear.


Average TE1 AAV: $7,318,656
32 Combined TE1 AAVs: $234,196,988
Average TE2 AAV: $2,981,396
Average TE1+TE2 AAV: $10,300,052

11 TE1s carry an average salary north of $10M this year, led by Darren Waller’s restructured deal in NY. 7 projected starting tight ends are operating on a contract averaging less than $2M, as a quiet devaluation of the position continues to roll in. The average cost for two tight ends on a team ($10.3M) is millions less than the average cost for a WR1 ($12.6M) right now.