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Ghana : Silver Jubilee of Fr Michael Adrie, Sma
27 Mars 2018

A silver Jubilee is an important event in the life of anyone. The Silver Jubilee of Reverend Fr. Michael Adrie was no less different. It was not only an important event in his life but also an important event in the life of the SMA.

Fr. Michael Adrie is the first African SMA priest. He can therefore be referred to as a pioneer. Indeed, the word "pioneer" is used in most cases for somebody who explored a new field and opened the way to others. For us, African SMAs, Fr Michael Adrie is our pioneer.

It was therefore to commemorate this important and historical event that we had a Thanksgiving Mass for him on the 17th of March 2018. It was a great organization: rich in color and beauty. A beauty that honored God himself.
For, the silver Jubilee of a priest is first of all, a celebration of twenty-five years of God's faithfulness to his servant. It appeared necessary, if not imperative, to thank God for his faithfulness in the life of Fr Michael Adrie and for what he has done through his servant.

The celebration was graced by many guests from within as well as from outside Ghana.
Among the guests were the rector of the Sowutuom Major Seminary, some diocesan priests, the Franciscans, the OLA sisters, the friends of the SMA, parishioners from different parishes in Ghana, the Marshallans, the St. Theresa society, just to name a few. SMA confreres working in the region and confreres from different districts in formation and regions were also present at the celebration. As SMA, our presence by the side of the jublerian was an act of brotherhood and also of acknowledgement of his great contribution to the SMA.

In his address, the jubilerian expressed his gratitude to the SMA for the opportunity given to him to serve God. He also expressed his hope for the future and his fulfillment as the first African SMA Priest, to see generation of African SMA priests following him; for as he stated: " for us Africans, if they give birth to you and no child comes after you, it means your head is not good".
Added to the silver jubilee celebration, was also the re-dedication of the SMA formation house of Sowutuom.

On this note, and on the fact of Fr. Michael Adrie being the Superior of the formation house, the opportunity was taken to raise some monies as seed money to support the construction of a new chapel for the formation house.
The celebration was held in a festive atmosphere; and we cannot thank God enough for the gift of Fr. Michael Adrie to the SMA.

Fr Brice Afferi, Sma

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