The Witnesses to a News that transcends history

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The Lord is risen. Alleluia, Alleluia.

There are so many news agencies nowadays. Surely, there are all trying their best to give news or information. And we have to command them. Many lose their lives in the process. Like the sad story of Lyra McKee a journalist shot in Northern Ireland on Good Friday. We keep her in our prayers, as well as many others kidnapped and killed doing their job. However, to be frank, the news are often not encouraging. If there are not sad, there are often so much manipulated to favor a few or certain class. They become as someone said “fake news”. There cannot resist the time, they fade and disappear. But their effects are devastating.


Today we are celebrating some great reporters that we love to call witnesses. They were true witnesses that gave the New Good that beat time. It was not a propaganda nor a fake news to make their leader win an election or diabolized the opponent. It was just the news of what took place. that, the Lord is risen. A News that will never change for eternity.

Beside, let us consider the pictures of those reporters. Let us look at the face of Peter, terrified and denying Jesus on Good Friday. Then look at his feet, ttoday, running to get a first-hand information and ready to speak openly. He is so confident because sure of his news. The first reading today presents that transformed Peter, strong witness of Christ. The story of a simple fisherman has become part of the history of humanity. It has taken the waves of eternity.

Let us look at the face of Mary Magdalene, shameful and turned to the ground before the mob ready to stone her. Then listen to her voice, filed with hope: They have taken the Lord out of the tomb… The Story of a simple girl condemned to death has become part of the history of humanity. she has taken the frequency of immortality. What is your story about? What news are you telling people? Is that news fake or true? What is the contribution of your news to the history of humanity.

In the Second reading, Saint Paul invites us all to desire things from above. We are now living and enjoying the good things here on earth. However, those things should help us to enjoy the eternal goodness. And baptism in Christ is a great sign and good beginning. It will allow us to pass the power of time like Peter, Mary of Magdalene, John etc. It will give you the wings of eternity and make your story pass the power of time. You are called for this like so many men and women after the first witnesses. They have done great works sacrificing their lives.

Let us pray with all the missionaries, religious, priest and faithful killed or kidnapped during their witnessing to the risen Lord among the people of God. Especially for father Pier Luigi Maccalli, sma, kidnapped in Niger. We pray for him and keep hope.

The Story of these servants of God, has become part of the history of humanity. They will surely live forever with the Lord.

The Lord is risen. Alleluia. The Lord be with you.

Christ is risen. Alleluia.

Alleluia. Christ is risen!