The consistent teacher

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today as we are celebrating the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem, I will love us to reflect on the image of the consistent teacher. This is someone who gives knowledge but at the same time strive to apply it himself till the end. Our Lord Jesus Christ has placed the standard so high for us to imitate so much that any other attempt become dim. However, this week amidst the strikes and demonstrations around the world, we witnessed the gesture of humility of Pope Francis in the attempt to bring peace to the people of Soudan. We were all moved by that image of the Pope at the feet of Sudanese leaders’; but not all saw that as a sign of humility. While reading the comments under the pictures, I came across a shoking one: That that was a false humility.


A false humility, they said. So let us see together what false humility could look like. That would be someone that is trying to please another who would happen to be his superior or in a certain position allowing the latter to give a report or grant the first a certain favor. And that case was completely different.

Also, we can consider the past actions and attitudes of the first, that is, the Pope and realize that this act of humility is conform to his past life even as a priests and a bishop: A simple and humble man. We cannot but appreciate his gesture with full joy and praises.

The readings of this Sunday, drive us to that same line of simplicity and humility. In the first reading the Prophets Isaiah recalls the hymn of the suffering servant ready to give his life in obedience. And again saint Paul sings to us the character of Christ equal to God though making himself a slave. Finally, we read in the Gospel narratives, the submission of the Lord to the will of God for the sake of all. Thus the Cross was but the normal outcome of his teaching. For there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for the people one loves. He said. Again, Christ is love par excellence. The consistent outcome could not have been different than that which he served us who believe in him and even for the whole of humanity.

What act of humility are you going to make today? Or are you scared to be seen weak or fake, false humility? And what do you care? just do it.

Very often we live in this conflicting desires and emotions. We desire one things and its opposite at the same time. Remember the people shouting for Jesus: Hosanna Son of David then latter on Crucify him. We are not consistent till the end. Those people lack courage, like you and me often hiding behind a rather fake pride or disappointment to abandon the challenge of humility.

Christ not only wished to save us but also to teach us a lesson of life. Non-violence, peace in humility and serenity. How much to we need such leader today to be humble and peaceful. Sometime, I wonder if everyone loves peace and desire as we seem to say why do countries even have armies? There is the problem. Let us all work for a better world, for serene people simple, humble and consistent. This is the Life that Christ has made possible.

The Lord be with you.