God is great than our sins and understanding

My dear brothers and sisters, the readings of this week remind us that God is greater than our sins and understanding. It is so easy to blame people, to pass a judgement and destroy. We have become experts of justice with so many laws and rules in the society. Supreme Court and Justice, various tribunals of so great importance, national or international to render justice. And most time the result is to condemned the weak because the strong are often right. They have lawyers, the experts, they know how to manipulate and win.


Today, in the gospel reading the poor woman has no money to pay a lawyer. She was surely committing the sin with a man and where is that man? He had someone to speak on his behalf; he had the experts. The Tradition and costumes’ in this case surely were his lawyers. This woman is brought because she has none to defend her. We have become expert of the law and condemn in same manner everyone.

Here, Jesus stood by her. The Lord is not encouraging us to live in sin. He does not condone sin. In fact, he said to the woman: go and do not sin again.

Indeed, for St. Paul we are not righteous because we obey any law. As we all realize, we are sinners, we do not deserve to stone anyone. So much that our judgement should always be accompany by mercy. Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her. We can only be rescued by our faith. Faith is important because it makes us realize our condition. Human, weak and in search mercy. Mercy is a special grace that when received, it must be given unless it dries out. It can only be kept by the heart that pass it on.

Also, by faith, we see that God has made a way through the sea, brought armies and chariots down, made a way in the wilderness to feed his people, quench their thirst. The hand of God is not short to save us. He has worked great deed for us. Let us venerate his mighty deeds and adore them.

The Prophet Isaiah gave us that beautiful experience. But you today, what do you have to say. On this journey of yours with the Lord? What has he done for you? Are your sins forgiven? Is your life back on track?

Maybe you still have a long way to go, and experience to seek. The finishing line is still far. You want to win the prize? You can still affirm that God has made you his own. But how do you belong to Christ?  We are on the journey to Easter, many are going to receive Christ through baptism, they are now learning about his life. Are you one of them? Are you preparing well in other not to accuse the catechesis teacher in the future? Do you take your time to read on your own the life of Jesus and about the Church? Even if you are already baptized, one enjoys always to learn something new and good about a true friend. Deepen your commitment read more today about your friend Jesus.

The Lord has given all to be with you this week, raise your head and look at him, standing and saying: Neither do I condemn you.

The Lord be with you.