My dear brothers and sisters today, the readings invite us to reflect on the theme of reconciliation and new beginning.

Reconciliation is a necessity.

The Quest of Freedom is so important for all human persons; indeed, this value is to be respected and granted to all. No one should be a slave of another or live and work under threat and constraint. We all love freedom; however, we have to be prudent not to fall into false freedom.




False freedom will be the image of the quest of the prodigal son in the gospel reading today: I want my inheritance. I want to leave your house. I want no more contact with my family; finally, I want my father dead for me to enjoy life fully.

Sometime discipline and education provoke such radical decision. And we easily see God the same way: a harsh and strict parent from whom we want to run away. How many people live today as if there is no God? how many even affirm that God is dead.

The death of God in our society or in our lives will lead to this image of the prodigal son: we may be facing one of these: extreme poverty, financial, psychological, spiritual, or moral poverty. We can easily be comparable to a pig -dirty-smelling and lost.

We may refuse to admit that we are wrong. We may fight hard to disguise our mistakes. We can reject confession and reconciliation and die or we have to chance to make a decision to U-turn.

We may again be like the elder son: cold, hard and bitter. A false servant in false obedience; living with no real love but just faking the service. This also is no good for true happiness. We cannot pretend all our lives.

On the Contrary, there is a loving Father not a harsh parent, who is the first to open his arms and get back to them with no condition. A strong image of God our Father who welcomes back all his stray children; and gives them a new beginning. A new life.  

The new beginning is the natural follow up of reconciliation.

This season of lent is a moment of renewal; it is a time of new beginning in which, God gives us the opportunity to taste a new food. In the first reading, the people of Israel, have now reach the promised land. A new experience will begin, a new chapter, a new era. They are called to be a star to the Nations. Here, we see that old things are to pass way. How far are we today on our journey? Is there anything new thing we have received in the chapter of our lives? What denying God has really brought to your life?

Maybe you need to make a U-turn and reconsider our connection with God. We have to seek reconciliation with him. St. Paul invites us all to be the ambassadors our Christ. We have to serve as reconciler. In order to do that, let us be united with God personally.

God is waiting for us. He is waiting for you with open hands. Come lets us embrace him; his love is beyond compare.

The Lord be with you.