We have a second chance but not for ever.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today the readings remind us of the shortness of life. The time we have to live is short; of course life is sweet and good. And again we do not know not only when but also how we are going to end it. 

There are so many events and experiences that show us that death could come suddenly: it might be on the way, at work, in school, at the farm even in our bed. Few months ago a young man met his end while sleeping on the porch of his house. Hit by a taxi. That was tragic! So many experiences reveal to us that we do not have control over life. People often ask the same question: why? Why now? Or why this way? Thinking about the tragic accidents in the past weeks we are not different from the people in the Gospel today. Is it because those people are the greatness sinners?  No!. but there is an urgent Need. There is a need to be ready now.

Today the Lord Jesus helps us with the answer in the Gospel. They died not because of their sins. however, we need to be ready anytime. That is a message for us; a sign for us, as we are still alive. The season of lent is a special time to work for our conversion; a time to change our mind; to take a challenge. In the first reading today Moses is invited by God to change his plans. To take up a new challenge. And That is the image of conversion. Take up a challenge to do something new, extraordinary, unusual, good, something demanding, a little beyond us, and especial.  Moses has to go and try to free his people Israel. The people of God. What are you planning to do before the end of the Lenten observance? We still have the time to take up the challenge. To Do something that will move us and maybe change our life forever.

That journey will be difficult. In the second reading, saint Paul, reminds us of the success of Moses on the challenge given by God. Moses brought liberty to the people. however, this also shows how difficult it is to keep up the challenge of conversion. To change for better is hard; it is a daily recommitment. Sometime, we can miss the goal. We can forget our duty as servants of God. We complain on the way; we complain about the life that is given to us. We fall back. Thus, we need to be reminded about our calling.

Finally, conversion is the ability to accept the Plan of God; to abandon oneself into the hands of God, is the way to conversion. Let us learn to change our minds and accept the plan of God for us, to bear fruits. A plan that will lead us to a place, we did not expect to go.  A life filled with more joy. And let us be prepared. Indeed, God is patient, we have a second chance, not limitless though. He will be there waiting for us at that end. That is our faith; true faith and true conversion is to welcome the will of God to bear fruits. May God be with us on our daily struggle to serve him. Amen. The Lord be with you.

By Firmin KOUASSI, Liberia.